Brothers Forever
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"Brothers Forever" - REVIEWS

Frits ForrerFrits Forrer, a former Dutch Fighter Pilot, trained by the USAF, as a young boy survivor of fi ve years of Nazi occupation of Holland, has a remarkable understanding of the global mission of U.S. forces. In his action packed fi ctional scenario, you will gain an appreciation for actual Special Operations in rapidly developing situations our military often conducts, worldwide. Security considerations limit release of real world operations.

Vice Admiral Jerry Unruh, U.S. Navy, retired.


Frits Forrer is a name that will become famous quickly, for, like Grandma Moses, he began his career–literary in this case– as a senior citizen. He lives for romance, but he writes for adventure, excitement and fulfi llment! His readers cannot stop turning the pages, on the edge of their chairs, in anticipation of the next thrill or disaster.

John Geron, Junior Birdman
Temple Hills MD



"Brothers Forever" -- EXCERPT

Since Joe’s room was shared by Juan (John), who could come in any time he wanted, and when Virginia was laid up, her six year old roommate rolled in and out of there constantly, the two young lovers were allowed very little privacy.

That might have been a good thing.  Joe was getting too emotional about his first big romance in life and he would lace into John when he had the nerve to make fun of them.

It started when Virginia wore her hair in two braids at dinner one night and John was taught a new word, “pigtails”.  When the meaning was explained to him, he burst out laughing because he visualized two tails on a pig , dos rabitos de cochino.  At first it was good for a laugh, but when John kept teasing Yousef with the Spanish expression or when he insisted on calling her Piggy or Miss Piggy, Joe threatened to slug him and for a while their friendship suffered considerably,

Little by little however, when they referred to Virginia in private, they both got in the habit of calling her Miss Piggy, but never to her face.  It became their private little joke. Miss Piggy became their codeword, their password for life.

Brothers Forever