Frits T. Forrer


About the Author:

After living with near-daily bombings during World War II, Frits decided to become a Fighter-Bomber- Pilot himself, earning his Silver Wings with the United States Air Force in October of '53.Still an active Pilot, he has lived in the United States continuously since '57, bringing over four of his brothers and sisters.  All are married and now have a total of 43 children (including in-laws) and grandchildren.  A true pioneering family.  He now writes and boats in the quiet community of Gulf Breeze in the Florida Panhandle.

About the Name "Holland's Glory"

Holland's Glory was the name of a major sailing vessel that defeated many Spanish and English armadas during the 16th century.  The term also refers to beautiful, full-bodied, healthy red-cheeked Dutch women.  The success of my first book will contribute to the image "Holland's Glory."