THE CURSE of the Black Mamba
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"THE CURSE of the Black Mamba" - REVIEWS

The Curse Of The Black Mamba is Frits Forrer’s latest suspense thriller. His eighth novel keeps the reader glued to the pages from the first to the last. The Black Mamba is one
of the most poisonous snakes in the world and its venom will kill in minutes. Combine that with a treasure trove of gold coins and rough, uncut diamonds and you have the setting for a crime spree that spreads from South Africa to the United States. The Curse… is a well written work of action and tension that makes it hard to put down. Kudos to Frits for another great novel. Reach the author at or on his website

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Mystery fans wall have difficultly putting down Frits Forrer’s latest novel, Curse of the Black Mamba. To say Curse of the Black Mamba is a page turner would be a gross understatement.

From the diamond mines of South Africa to the Jersey shores and numerous places in between, Forrer keeps readers on the edge of their seats as the venom of Africa’s most dangerous and feared snake, known as the “Shadow of Death,” takes revenge on all who would attempt to seize the wealth the curse of the Black Mamba was created to protect.

A fast moving, highly exciting story which has become a Frits Forrer trademark. A mystery of the highest caliber. Highly recommended.

Art Giberson, Author of The Crazy Ones Shot Film



"THE CURSE of the Black Mamba" -- EXCERPT

He never rushed anywhere.
The drumming became more intense. It was as if the Hottentots were getting high on something. The beat changed slightly, more like bambam-bambambam. bambam-bambambam. Faster and faster. “Those guys must have arms of steel.” Herman mused.


The screams came from behind the main entrance to the mine and the director had to sprint around the building to see what was happening.

A half dozen burning balls were rolling down the hill, bouncing over brush and rocks, speeding toward the compound. It could have been a spectacular sight, if it hadn’t been so deadly serious. The flaming balls gathered speed and literally jumped the fences and landed in the compound on tops of cars and buildings. Fires started in three or four wooden structures and while everyone ran in the direction of the catastrophe, a giant elephant crashed through the main gate, followed by dozens of black natives. Others climbed the fences on opposite sides of the camp, wielding spears and machetes It was complete mayhem in just seconds.

Shots rang out from rooftops and doorways, while hundreds of Hottentots in wild war paint and leopard skins raced into the compound from different directions, all headed for the main building. The burning fireballs and the ignited buildings gave the camp an eerie glow and made the assaulting natives look like fire-breathing devils.

THE CURSE of the Black Mamba