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Diamonds Galore - REVIEWS

A first rate story which will keep the reader tuning the pages until the very end and leaves them wanting more.



Diamonds Galore - EXCERPT

At eleven in the morning, two tall Caucasian, well dressed gentlemen walked in to the SWISS GOLD AND DIAMONDS store and when approached by "Gold fingers" announced with a thick East European accent "You are Mr. Samlon Mehinin, correct.?"

"Yes ... ,"" "Come with us., please." "No, no! I can 't leave. I have to work and ... " "You called the Russian embassy, correct?" "Yes, and .... " "Come!" Each man grabbed "Goldfinger's" arms and started turning him toward the door.

'No, I can't ... " A pistol barrel under his nose, changed his tune some and he became more humble than defiant. "I manage the store ...

" The two thugs increased the pressure on his arms and gently, but surely moved him toward the door.

"Don't make a fuss . There's a car out front and we'll bring you back, so let's be gentlemen about this."

One of them opened the door and they steered hi m towards a large Mercedes, double-parked while a third man, a rather old one, was holding the rear door with a welcoming grin on his face. He bowed ever so slightly as the Indian man with all his gold teeth was shoved into the back seat. Without a word , the other two Ruskies entered the front seats while the older man settled in next to the shook-up Indian.

Noiselessly, the sedan slipped into the traffic and eased up to the local speed limit.

"Where are you taking me? What have I done?" He was shaking like a leaf.

"Patience is a great virtue." The man next to him said. " Yes, but, I am helping you and I called ... " "We know, we know. Now SHUT UP!"