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Forty Million - REVIEWS

International intrigue and unscrupulous embassy agents provide a story that makes this book, "Forty Million" a first rate thriller, in the same vein as Frits Forrer's other mysteries.
I don't think I've ever read a book that's so fast paced from the very beginning.

Vici Papajohn, Publisher of the “Gulf Breeze News”.



Forty Million - EXCERPT

The game was exciting, the score was tight, the hotdogs were great and all in all it was a delightful night away from the office. They waited for their young star and hugged and congratulated him. One goal, two assists.

Most everyone had left the stadium and the parking lot was nearly deserted by the time they approached their cars. Bruce walked with his wife Helen and son Tim to her station wagon and watched them swing out of the lot before he turned to his company Buick. During the winter, he would use his clicker to start the engine from the house, so the car would be nice and warm by the time he got in.

What made him do it, he did not recall, but when he spotted his vehicle from sixty feet away he hit the button and was knocked flat on his back by a huge explosion. The ball of fire exceeded twenty feet and screams started to fill the air. A few people, who had been close by, were on fire and others were crawling away from the burning wreck.

Bruce felt woozy and was dazed for a few seconds before it dawned on him what must have happened. He dashed to the injured folks and started pulling from the fire while dialing 911 at the same time.

"Hugh car-bomb explosion in the stadium parking lot of the Caldwell High School…… many wounded…… need ambulances…… who?.... Bongers…. hurry….. many wounded."

Bongers borrowed a jacket from a bystander to put out the flames of a burning woman, who was writhing in pain and screaming like an injured pig.

Sirens were approaching rapidly and Helen's car came screeching on the scene, stopping within ten feet from her husband.

"What happened, Bruce? Are you alright? What happened? Was that your car?" She shivered with fear. "Were they trying to kill you? How'd you get out? Were they after you?"

"Helen, take it easy. Take Tim home. I'm going to help the E M S and answer some questions. After all it was my car and…."

Just then shots rang out, coming from the direction of the car.