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Gold Galore - REVIEWS

The change of story plot from dumb to smart, worked. I enjoyed the way the story finished.

Kim Hogan, Army Pilot


This is another suspenseful thriller by Master Storyteller Frits Forrer. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down.

Tom Vandiver, Marine, always a Marine


Frits Forrer's latest boast is a very convoluted plot line that you will not figure out until the end.

Dick Bensman, Naval Officer


I can think of a lot of workds to describe Frits Forrer's writing but one that describes Frits best is Genius, and Gold Galore is an example of his ingenuity.

Fred Castelluci, Rhine River Navy


Gold Galore - EXCERPT

Go! Reynolds rushed in, pointed a gun at Artie and shouted; "Where's the gold?" "He's got it!" Pointing at Efrain. "God damn!" Reynolds turned and "bang", shot the captain, supposedly.

Artie jumped up, gun in hand. "Drop that gun!" "No?" "Bam!"Get down! "bam". This time Artie aimed for Reynolds' bottom. "Paul grab that gun."