Gold Galore "Gold Galore" Click here to read an excerpt

Spanish Gold!!!!! Dangerous? Legal? Profitable? Dangerous? " All of the above."

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Diamonds Galore "Diamonds Galore" Click here to read an excerpt

The jeweler leaned forward and said; "This is a perfect diamond. I would say from Amsterdam or Antwerp and I bet it has been stolen!"

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Forty Million "Forty Million" Click here to read an excerpt

An elaborate PONZI scheme is being used to finance a terrorist takeover of a former USSR country. Corruption and violence permeate the New Jersey landscape with wild police and FBI chases by air and on the road. Action starts on page one and never ceases.

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Suffering with a Smile"Suffering with a Smile" Click here to read an excerpt

SUFFERING WITH A SMILE is like Anne Frank's Diary of the PACIFIC.

As an eight year old boy, Jan Wouter Wildbergh is incarcerated in an all-male Japanese prison camp along with his older brother and his father.

He witnesses and endures the cruelties of the Imperial Japanese Army, who are determined to eradicate the white race within five years through starvation and diseases. Through sheer determination and imagination, young Wout manages to survive, while witnessing the dying of his brother Hans and many, many other inmates. He barely manages to bring back his father from the brink of death and through it all shows an unusual sense of humor and belief in himself. All of America should read this encounter with the evils of the Japanese during wartime.

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Frits and Katy Forrer

Thunderclouds Over America"Thunderclouds Over America" Click here to read an excerpt

Osama bin Laden, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and Hamas are determined to deliver a deadly blow to the United States on the ninth anniversary of 9/11. Their goal: kill two presidents and murder half a million Americans in one fell swoop. The details are worked out as diligently as the preparations for the destruction of the Twin Towers in 2001. One main difference: the American Intelligence Agencies remain one step ahead of the terrorists, instead of behind the eight-ball, like in ’01. Suspense and excitement captivate the reader from beginning to the explosive ending.

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Golden Nuggets"Golden Nuggets" Click here to read an excerpt

Named for their golden hair and golden profits, blonde females have been abducted and sold to oil-magnates for decades. The CIA and FBI have been frustrated for years by their inability to put a stop to that lugubrious trade. A young agent of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, (CBI), happens onto a trail and gets involved in a most intriguing manhunt, searching for young women. His actions involve fast airplanes, deadly helicopter rides and international intrigue from the U.S. all the way to the Middle East.

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THE CURSE of the Black Mamba"THE CURSE of the Black Mamba" Click here to read an excerpt

Reminiscent of the Mau-Mau in Rhodesia, rampaging natives are terrorizing the Whites in South Africa in the late 1980’s. Fearing an attack by the Hottentots, Mieke Zentveld hides a treasure trove of Kruger Rands and rough diamonds inside a trophy buffalo head. Being vindictive, she soaks the valuables in the venom of a black mamba, hoping to bring reprisal to anyone who might steal the loot. The natives didn’t find the goods, but the diamonds sure wreak havoc in the New York/ New Jersey area. A fast paced mystery with a most unexpected ending.

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"Brothers Forever""Brothers Forever” Click here to read an excerpt

Two crippled boys from opposite parts of the world are united in a Shriners Hospital in the U.S.  They become blood brothers.  Their lives, education and military service connects them time and time again, until a fateful day on the battlefield of Afghanistan.

Theirs is an exciting, fast moving series of events that will keep any reader spellbound. Love, warmth and intrigue are intermingled with adventure and suspense.  Sit back and enjoy. 

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Frits Forrer
"The Golden Pig” (El Cochino de Oro)""The Golden Pig” (El Cochino de Oro) Click here to read an excerpt

Frits Forrer’s third murder mystery and probably his best one to date.  It describes the tremendous drug problem in our country and the unbelievable amounts of money associated with it.  Forrer weaves a fascinating story around the battle by the FBI, CIA, Bureau of Customs, and local Law Enforcement Agencies with the unscrupulous members of the drug cartels on two different continents.  Assassinations, called for by the drug lords as if they were ordering pizza, are a dime a dozen.  Exciting aircraft chases make this book a great thriller with a most surprising ending.

Woven throughout the story are some exciting romantic plots and some hilarious adventures by a pair of brothers who think they are detectives of sort and believe that the worlds is one big party place.  Suspense builds throughout the pages into an unbelievable finish.

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To Judge or Not to Judge"To Judge or Not to Judge ." Click here to read an excerpt

To Judge or Not to Judge is the second murder mystery written by Frits Forrer and displays the same intense suspense and drama as it’s predecessor, “Smack Between The Eyes.”

Page after page, chapter after chapter, the reader drifts from one surprise into another, from one drama into the next.

When the nation is again under attack, reminiscent of 9/11, the FBI is one step ahead of the terrorists, for once. The excitement leaves the reader on the edge of his/her seat. Sit back and enjoy.

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Smack"Smack Between the Eyes." Click here to read an excerpt


“Three into the store!”   Bongers was unhappy with the results of the first three.  “Agents seven and eight, move into the courtyard.  Approach the back door.  The door’s unlocked, someone ran out of it.  Be ready to move in at my command.  Watch it!   The front door is opening!” A male figure ran out, coughing and trying to put his hands on his head at the same time.


“Don’t shoot.  May be a customer.  Order him to lay down… here comes another one!  A woman!  No gun visible!” The Union City Policeman, posted right around the corner, had a clear view of the scene and gun in hand hollered, “ABAJO!   DOWN!  STAY DOWN!”


A third person came running out.  Bent over and coughing up a storm, he ran north towards the corner where the policeman screamed, ”DOWN!”  Instead, the man straightened up, showing a gun he’d held under his jacket and tried to level it at the uniformed figure.  The cop didn’t hesitate a second, pulled his trigger twice and while the wounded man spun around, a rifle shot blew his skull into a dozen fragments.


The woman on the sidewalk cried out, “No shoot, no shoot!” while the uniformed man screamed back at her:  “Stay down, stay down!” Bongers got back on the mike,  “Agents in back, proceed to the door.  Nine, climb to the second floor.   Five, enter the front door,  no, no,  the main entrance.  Six and seven, cover one another going into the store.  I think we got them all, but be careful.  Let’s make sure!”  He was leaning out of the open window, although just a little while ago, a shot had demolished a bullhorn at the same spot.  “He must be pretty sure of himself,”  Bruno Garcia was thinking while still hanging on the phones, hoping for some contact that never came.


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Tampa Justice"Tampa Justice , no money - no justice." Click here to read an excerpt

The facts herein are TRUE!
The names and dates have NOT been altered to hurt the innocent, because there were NO INNOCENTS! This is NOT fiction! Events, like the ones described in this book: ”TAMPA JUSTICE”, probably take place in the Hillsborough County Courts even today and have been long before I ever encountered and endured them.

To drain my brain! The facts and the emotions need to spill out and make the community aware of a so-called JUDICIAL SYSTEM that does more harm than good. A system that encourages crime, rather than prevents or corrects it.

Do I feel a need to be vindicated? Not really! The Lawyers, Prosecutors, Judges, Public Defenders, Probation Officers and Prison Guards that are mentioned in the book are probably long dead or retired and safe from the long arm of the law.

Will the book clear my record? I don’t really give a hoot about the record and for a few thousand dollars I can probably have it expunged, but as long as my children know that I’m innocent, nothing else matters. By the time the book comes out, I’ll be 74 and no male member of my family has ever lived past that age and I don’t know of any reason why I should be an exception.

Then what do I hope to accomplish? If it helps one person escape the injustices that I experienced by being educated by this book, the effort is worthwhile, as far as I am concerned.
It may also give a few people a more positive outlook on life when they’re caught in this web of JUSTICE or INJUSTICE, because, with a positive attitude, they’ll be able to face the day and make the most of it while working on their future instead of dwelling on their present miserable circumstances.

Most of all…. Many a time will you, the reader think that the story is FICTION, rather than FACT, because you won’t believe that many of these things really happen in this modern day society.

So sit back and fasten your recliner seatbelts and enjoy and marvel!


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Through a Child's Eye"Five Years Under the Swastika, Through a Child's Eye." Click here to read an excerpt

Interview with Frits Forrer

Why I wrote the book.

At an Air Force Association dinner-meeting at MACDILL Air Force Base, I was asked to relate my experiences of the Allied bombing of the Netherlands during World War ll.

Though it was "horrendous" as far as the parents were concerned, we as kids thought it was an adventure. Having to get out of bed at night during air-raids and standing in the back yard watching searchlights catching bombers was fascinating. Seeing shot-up burning planes spiraling down may have been terrible for the aircrew, but to our young eyes it was a spectacular show. Watching fighter-bombers coming in low and strafing and bombing anything that moved was a real "trip" for us, even though some of the bombs and bullets came mighty close. Of course I related the gratitude of the Dutch people for all the heroic efforts by the Americans in their plight to liberate us and when I was finished I received an ovation and shouts like; "That was great! Why don’t you write a book about that?" Well, I finally did.

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May 10, 1940

The Fun of FlyingThe Fun Of Flying is a must! Click here to read an excerpt

The story just had to be told, because the whole episode was just too good to be true. For a young man, who only knew America from the movies and never dreamed that he would actually live and train in America , it was a dream come true. In the early fifties no Hollander, except the very rich, had a chance to ever cross the ocean and here comes this small town boy and gets his chance through the Mutual Defense Assistance Program to join the Aviation Cadet program of the U.S. Air Force.

What a ball! Learning to fly and get paid for it, touring the country and fall in love a couple of times, singing their hearts out at every opportunity, the young Dutchmen had a blast.

Of course, there were some hardships connected with the military training involved, but that was all par for the course.

Flying the first jet fighters that America ever produced was a thrill beyond comprehension. With the book: The Fun Of Flying every reader gets a chance to get embroiled in the exciting life of the fighter pilot, in the air and on the ground.

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