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To Judge or Not to Judge - REVIEWS

In To Judge or Not to Judge Frits Forrer has once again written a nail biting , page turning novel guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seat, fearful they may miss one of the many plots and turns that makes To Judge or Not to Judge one of the best mystery novels to come along since Mickey Spillane’s 1950 best seller, VENGEANCE IS MINE!

Art Giberson, Author of Eyes of the Fleet, Through the Viewfinder


As a career military pilot and a devout Muslim, I abhor terrorism and the killing of innocent women and children. I therefore enjoyed Frits’ book immensely. This is one of the most interesting stories I’ve come across in a long time. It is easy flowing, kept me anxiously looking for the next event. You start… you can’t stop until you finish reading. Just like a moving picture in your mind. Outstandingly told and written.

Abdallah Bawaneh, Maj. General (ret.)
Royal Jordanian Air Force
Gulf Shores Al.



To Judge or Not to Judge - EXCERPT

He could hardly contain his excitement. He had been a professional for many years. But this was the most unnerving situation he had ever commanded. “Hummer stopped…. Driver got out…. They’re consulting a map… No more Hummers… Where are the other damn Hummers?... They’re on their way… Alpha, get ready guys… they’re coming… Where are the other Hummers?”

“Team Alpha, get ready to fire. They’ll be upon you in five minutes. Take aim. Tires first, remember?”

His adrenaline was pumping. “Damn it, the truck is taking a wrong turn… Team Beta, pick up stakes, he’s heading for the parkway… Hold it… Beta… hold it… he’s turning around… he probably has the other Hummers aboard. He’s heading down 18th… get ready…. “

The chopper was making a wide left turn, giving Bongers a 50 yard line view of the action. The first Humvee rolled onto the I-495 and turned off at the next exit as if it were rehearsed, which it was. What the terrorist didn’t know was that the G-men had also rehearsed those maneuvers. As he came around the cloverleaf, shots rang out in quick succession and his tires exploded underneath him. The Humvee driver lost control, stepped on the brake, which was the wrong thing to do, and his rear end slipped onto the grass and the vehicle started a roll in slow motion, resulting in an unbelievable blast. Shockwaves blew cars off the road, broke trees in half and stunned the G-men on the ground. Two of them were simply picked up by the concussion and dumped twenty feet further in the shrubs. Thank God for the bushes. It cushioned the impact and probably saved their lives. The shock wave of the blast even buffeted the circling helicopter.

“Good God!” was all Bruce could say as he flipped open his phone. “Lester? One has blown. Damage moderate. The truck with the other Hummer is heading south. I’m right with him. He should turn off in about seven minutes.”

While flying above and behind the truck, Bruce shared his worries with his right hand man. “Bruno, judging from the size of the truck, it couldn’t hold more than two vehicles, right? Then there must be another truck with another Humvee some place, but where? Where’s the President? That must be their number three objective. I better call Lester again. It’s so hard to hear him with all this racket above us, but I have very few choices.” He flipped open his cell again.

“Lester, where is the President today? Not in the White House, I hope? Wait! Wait, the truck turned on a side street. He’s probably gonna offload… Right on!... The second Hummer is coming down… I’ve gotta get on the radio…” He clicked the cell shut and pushed the button on his radio. “Team Beta, get ready! Your target will be upon you in three minutes.”