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All of Frits Forrer’s novels keep you turning pages to learn what happens on the next, whether he is a 13 year old chasing a German soldier who is trying to steal his bicycle, or as a mystery solver studying a fresh murder scene, he gives you a good chuckle on every page. Frits’ Dutch humor and writing skills always provide a good read. Now he proves he can dream up a plot that will baffle many mystery readers.

Tex Atkinson, Author of From The Cockpit

Every chapter is a cliffhanger leading to an unexpected explosive ending. A real terrorist laden thriller.

The Gulf Breeze News

Police Lieutenant Frank D’Amato figures he may have stumbled on to something more than a seemingly routine crime, when a murder victim, an elderly man with ties to the CIA is found shot neatly between the eyes. His suspicious prove to be deadly accurate when he learns
of a series of murders occurring across the country in which each of the victims with ties to the CIA have been shot Smack Between the Eyes. This is a Frits Forrer thriller which will keep the reader turning pages until the very last paragraph.

Art Giberson, Author of Eyes of the Fleet; Photojournalist; Through the Viewfinder




“Three into the store!”   Bongers was unhappy with the results of the first three.  “Agents seven and eight, move into the courtyard.  Approach the back door.  The door’s unlocked, someone ran out of it.  Be ready to move in at my command.  Watch it!   The front door is opening!” A male figure ran out, coughing and trying to put his hands on his head at the same time.


“Don’t shoot.  May be a customer.  Order him to lay down… here comes another one!  A woman!  No gun visible!” The Union City Policeman, posted right around the corner, had a clear view of the scene and gun in hand hollered, “ABAJO!   DOWN!  STAY DOWN!”


A third person came running out.  Bent over and coughing up a storm, he ran north towards the corner where the policeman screamed, ”DOWN!”  Instead, the man straightened up, showing a gun he’d held under his jacket and tried to level it at the uniformed figure.  The cop didn’t hesitate a second, pulled his trigger twice and while the wounded man spun around, a rifle shot blew his skull into a dozen fragments.


The woman on the sidewalk cried out, “No shoot, no shoot!” while the uniformed man screamed back at her:  “Stay down, stay down!” Bongers got back on the mike,  “Agents in back, proceed to the door.  Nine, climb to the second floor.   Five, enter the front door,  no, no,  the main entrance.  Six and seven, cover one another going into the store.  I think we got them all, but be careful.  Let’s make sure!”  He was leaning out of the open window, although just a little while ago, a shot had demolished a bullhorn at the same spot.  “He must be pretty sure of himself,”  Bruno Garcia was thinking while still hanging on the phones, hoping for some contact that never came